Ridgefield Public Schools

...valuing each and every student

Ridgefield Public Schools challenge students to grow to their fullest potentials while helping them discover themselves and their special places in the world.

Board of Education Members 
Ms. Kathleen Payerle Board President kpayerle@ridgefieldschools.com
Mr. Andrew Grippa Board Vice President algrippa@ridgefieldschools.com
Ms. Rosemary Huzovic Trustee rhuzovic@ridgefieldschools.com
Mr. Rafael Morilla Trustee rmorilla@ridgefieldschools.com
Ms. Claudia Narvaez Trustee cnarvaez@ridgefieldschools.com
Mr. Jose R. Salazar Trustee rsalazar@ridgefieldschools.com
Mr. Steven Yang Trustee syang@ridgefieldschools.com
. . .
Dr. Frank Romano Superintendent of Schools fromano@ridgefieldschools.com
Mr. Floro Villanueva Jr. Business Administrator fvillanueva@ridgefieldschools.com

Board of Education Committees 

Finance Committee: Andrew Grippa, Rosemary Huzovic

Curriculum Committee: Claudia Narvaez, TBD

Operations Committee: Andrew Grippa, Ralph Morilla

Personnel Committee: Rafael Morilla, Jose Ray Salazar, Steve Yang

Policy Committee: Rosemary Huzovic, Claudia Narvaez

Student Liaison: Rodney Ocean

NJSBA/Legislative Delegate: Steven Yang; Alternate: TBD