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Superintendent's Office
Romano Kid   
Welcome to the Superintendent's Office page, and thank you for visiting the new Ridgefield Public Schools website. In my time at Ridgefield, I have found two core principles that always resonate with me: 1) students lie at the center and ultimately come first, and 2) win-win situations result from respectful and collaborative processes. My experiences with the various groups that make up our school community show evidence of values that serve the whole student and pay attention to each and every student. We allocate our resources in ways that not only provide but also support and enrich the comprehensive educational experience. Let this website serve as yet another resource that brings us together for the aforesaid cause. Enjoy the site!
Frank Romano, III, Ed.D.
Your Superintendent of Schools 
Superintendent's Office Personnel 
Ms. Kelly Hernon
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools 
+ (201) 945-7747 desk
+ (201) 947-7830 fax
Ms. Kara Doviak
Supervisor of Special Projects
+ (201) 775-6845 desk
+ (201) 947-7830 fax